If you’re a someone who dreams big, you may encounter doubters and most certainly obstacles. Here are 5 ways to get you closer to your ultimate destination.

  1. Choose your people.  If you have big dreams, then you don't want just anyone on your committee. Choose your “go to” people carefully and allow only them to weigh in on your goals and progress. Everyone else is not welcome!
  2. Define your vision, then let it go. Big dreams can get heavy when you carry them around all the time. They can also start to feel overwhelming. They are however important fuel for your journey. So dream a clear picture and then like a helium filled balloon let it fly into the universe.
  3. Map out your process. Once you have that clear picture in mind you’ll want to back up and begin to chart your map. What steps come just before your big goal, and then which ones before that. Keep going until you know exactly what you will do tomorrow to get your dream.
  4. Expect and embrace hardship. Not every step is going to feel pleasant and enjoyable. It’s normal and natural to encounter rough patches and learning moments. Don’t forget most of these will be instrumental in you achieving your goals. So go ahead and thank the hard times, knowing they are moving you closer.
  5. Keep the love. Why is your dream important to you? This passion will act as your fuel through good times and bad. Keep the love close by posting a visual reminder of your goal somewhere you pass by frequently. Try an inspirational picture on the fridge or special quote on a post it in the bathroom.



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Dreaming is free so make sure when you dream it is as big and high as the mountain. Dreaming starts when we picture out clearly the things that we want to carry on and the thing that left for us to do is to fill it with color and make it happen. Easier said than done. We have to understand that as we dream, there are also challenges and hindrances that we have to encounter that will make us weak and sometimes let go of our dreams. One thing that I learned in life is that one failure will never ever dictate our future. Yes, we may fail at some point but that’s not the thing that counts, what matter the most is that what we do after we fall. I used my failures as my foundation and I’m telling you, a dream with failure as a foundation is always worth it no matter how it goes.

01/18/2017 4:26am

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This is a perfect advice to all of us who wants to dream big. Actually, I needed this. Every day, I encounter people who want to bring me down and try their best to discourage me that I cannot achieve what I want in life. That’s why I need to wisely choose the people that can help me to reach my dreams. Also, I need to think the specific goal that I want to do right now and do my best to achieve it. I need to keep in mind that reaching my small goals are a test so it wouldn’t be hard when I aim for my “high as a mountain” goals. To be able to reach my goals,, I need to expect that there will be hardships and trials along the way and do everything that I can. These trials will pave the way for me to reach my dreams and always remember the people who will help me to become the person that I want to be. My family and friends are always my inspiration to reach my hopes and dreams someday. Thank you for this article!

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am a goal digger. I choose to dream big. I will fulfill my dreams through hard work. This article is good for me. It helps me a lot. Life is too short. I am allowing myself to maximize the amount of positive experiences to get out of it. It allows me to fall short and still gain a lot. Big dreaming can make my life big as a result. Dreaming big is very important in my life. Big success requires big dreaming. I have to reach for the big goals if I really want to get anything out of life.

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