Why do many athletes say their sport is “80% mental”, and yet their training plan does not incorporate their brain?  What is the disconnect?  One reason may involve not knowing how to integrate the mental component into training.  I have a suggestion for you.

Start by tying a part of your regular routine with some mental preparation.  For example, what if every day as you stretched you mentally rehearsed key learning moments from your previous day’s practice?  What if every day as you tied your shoes or skates you reviewed a process goal you wanted to keep in mind that day?  What if every day you wrote one key word on the inside of your wrist that corresponded with something you were trying to achieve more like “risk”, “attack”, or “patience” to remind you of a focus?  The truth is there are many “anchors” already present in your physical routine that you can begin to use as an association to a mental process.  

Get out there and experiment, and adopt the habit of training your mind in conjunction with your body.